New Media Art Collective

Dec 10th 2014 — Jan 11th 2015

Videokaffe is a contemporary art collective that gets its strength from its interdisciplinary and international background. Drawing from engineering, science, technology, crafts and art, Videokaffe explores and aims to create an inclusive, interactive and process oriented experience, while manufacturing a unique artwork.

The exhibition in Studio Gallery presents a fresh selection of works by some members of Videokaffe.

Heini Aho´s Innermost is surrealistic sculpture of cutting away the corner of a furniture. In the video Endless Renovation a person pours a cup of water on the table and proceeds to stack the nearby objects as if to protect herself safety from the water. Stacked on top of one another, the objects form balancing totem poles.

Jack Balance´s work Polarized painting shows us that just by slightly altering the angle of the light will reveal surprising things to us. If there is light where we are then we expect information we gather with our visual receptors (eyes) to reveal our surroundings to us.Yet they leave most of it out.

Olli Suorlahti brings three works to the exhibition. Rising bubbles: sound creates a special soundscape by amplifying the sound of air bubbles with a gramophone horn. Diffractive optohauler is an experimental projector where light is distorted and coloured with moving optical elements. The result is an evolving abstract projection. Cinemascope rotator (in collaboration with Sebastian Ziegler) runs the image of a lightbulb through rotating optics making it shift shape.

Thomas Westphal´s kinetic installation is called Kekku. It explores issues relating to the family. The protagonists in the video are Kekku´s wife, daughter and Kekku himself. The video shows certain body parts of them sitting on a swing.

Sebastian Ziegler´s elektronischer Lichtkasten- e.L.k is an electronic video image that is in permanent motion. A precomposed image is run through an old video effect mixer. Different By turning knobs in the sculpture the audience can manipulate the image.