29 Sep 2013 - 5 Jan 2014

Laila Pullinen 80th anniversary exhibition tour starts from Rauma

Lönnström Art Museum presents Arcus Lucis - Arc of Light, the 80th anniversary exhibition of sculptor, Professor Laila Pullinen. The exhibition showcases Pullinen´s work from the past decades, the latest pieces being from 2013. In addition to sculptures, the show also features drawings. Using the forms of nature, Laila Pullinen imparts an exceptionally powerful sense of motion to her material. From the curves of the human body, she draws out extreme power and energy, yet also poignant expressiveness. She guides the light skilfully to sculpt the curves, persuading the medium to reflect light for the creation of perfect forms.
Describing her latest series of drawings inspired by choreographer Pina Bausch´s Orpheus and Eurydice, Laila Pullinen says: An arc like that, when you draw it a certain way, reflects the energy and strength and speed with which the dancer moves. When you draw it correctly, then all of the energy is stored within that curved shape and adds: Sculpting and drawing an arc is the result of an identical movement of the hand. The same intensity is used. The same dream is realized. … I feel that I let the spirit of the material out when I find the language that it speaks. Stone, for instance, has the kind of magic that it cannot be chiseled against the grain. You first need to find in which direction it wants to be cracked. In walking around and sculpting and polishing the piece, I find the correct angle in which it will be responsive to my hand. The stone advises the sculptor through its own being. It is the same with bronze.
The Lönnström Art Museum in Rauma was opened in 1993 by the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Foundation with a view to fulfilling the requirement of Teresia Lönnström´s (1895-1986) last will and testament to promote the fine arts. Over the years, the museum has mounted several major exhibitions of contemporary art, while also showcasing episodes from the history of art for the public. The lobby of the museum has for many years featured Laila Pullinen´s bronze relief Teresia and Rafael Lönnström. The relief was commissioned by the Finnish Cultural Foundation to honour Teresia Lönnström´s great donation to the Foundation.
To commemorate its 20th anniversary, the Lönnström Art Museum organises sculptor Laila Pullinen´s 80th anniversary touring exhibition, in conjunction with which it also publishes a book on the theme of the exhibition. Entitled The Arc of Light, the trilingual book features the essay Arcs and curves - on the significent form in Laila Pullinen´s art by Dr Juha-Heikki Tihinen. Most of the photographs in the book were taken by Vesa Aaltonen at the Nissbacka Manor Sculpture Park, Laila Pullinen´s gesamtkunstwerk. Graphic design is by Minna Luoma / Candy Graphics. The publication and the exhibition have both received generous support from Turun Kirjekuoritehdas and FILI/Delegationen för den svenska litteraturens främjande. Produced by the Lönnström Art Museum, the Arc of Light jubilee exhibition will go on tour to the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa, 1 February - 20 April 2014, and to the Kouvola Art Museum POIKILO, 8 May - 31 August 2014.