ALUE/REGION — Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Satakunta

in Lönnström Art Museum and its surroundings

 in the Yard Studio 17 May - 7 September 2014

Presenting contemporary art from the Satakunta province, the ALUE/REGION exhibition will be on show at the Lönnström Art Museum from 17 May to 7 September 2014. Mounted at the Lönnström Art Museum main building and Yard Studio, the show features work by 18 artists resident in the region. Some works are installed in the close vicinity of the museum.

Visitors to the exhibition will hear sounds, see photographs and discover works made with printmaking techniques. Some of the works incorporate motion, either in the form of moving images or mechanical movement. Some artists work with painting, some with drawing, others with sculpture. Often the space itself is tailored to reflect the artist's style. Most of the works were created specifically for the ALUE/REGION exhibition, but there are also a few pieces completed in the past few years that are brought to life in a new way by the present exhibition context and space.

The themes of the exhibition are familiar from contemporary art, in particular the relationship between humankind and nature and aspects of the human condition. The artists investigate human emotions as well as processes and patterns of behaviour associated with alienation, urbanisation and industrialisation. Searching memories and mental imageries for a common story, they create mindscapes and internal stages, pushing issues of existence all the way to non-existence. In the words of Marko Lampisuo: The cause of life is love and the effect is death. What are the regions we inhabit?

Janne Sammalmaa
´s Positive Bombs grow in the museum courtyard. Kirsi Kuusisto´s wild animals have climbed onto the walls of the museum, while Paavo Paunu´s human bird has alighted to guard its territory. Pavel Ekrias has brought rain into the Yard Studio, and Henna Tyrväinen has copied natural elements to create a new environment. In the main museum building, Helena Laine and Nina Pörn lead the viewer into the world of the Kalevala, accompanied by a dirge sung by Karoliina Kantelinen. Linen sculptures by Carita Ahlqvist explore the shapes of the human body and mind. Toni Lehtola has assembled a zoo that is surprising and perhaps also a bit frightening. Päivi Setälä´s photographs of nature are filled with poetic beauty. Anne Salmela has studied the differences and similarities of family albums and media imagery. The enlarged toy dolls of Hanna Luukkonen communicate sense of fragility, but also of tragedy. Marko Lampisuo has studied himself and the chain of generations by manipulating videos over and over again. Kirsi Jaakkola and Ari Koivisto paint everyday things and dreams with light and colours. Laura Lilja examines the power structures of society by blending fact and fiction. Jenni Uusitalo appropriates the entire museum building by framing and prompting. The visit concludes with silence in the face of an unexpected view offered by the work of Sanna Pajunen.

The artists and their works are featured in Finnish on the exhibition website at The ALUE/REGION exhibition is produced in cooperation with the Lönnström Art Museum and Pori branch office of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.