Sept 20th 2014 — Jan 11th 2015

The last exhibition of the Lönnström Art Museum in the building on Valtakatu in Rauma explores the importance of dreams. The featured artists - Suvi Aarnio, Anssi Kasitonni, Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Jaakko Niemelä and Göran Torrkulla - all explore different aspects of dreams in their works. Dreams can be secret, beautiful, clean or rosy. Dreams can come true, they can be destroyed or they can come to nothing. Dreams can lead to change, they can be a source of inspiration, they can teach us and make us better people. Dreams can be adventures into the unknown.

Dream Team, a community artwork by Rauma-based artist Suvi Aarnio, is alive with women´s dreams, large and small, that were embroidered by a group of female workshop participants. Anssi Kasitonni´s contribution to the show is a gilded circus horse, robots and a delightful video entitled Masa, an escape story that combines animation, live actors and puppetry. I Love my Job by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen is built around workplace dreams and revenge fantasies. Last spring, the artist couple won the Ars Fennica 2014 prize of the Henna and Pertti Niemistö Foundation - the same prize awarded in 2011 to Anssi Kasitonni. Jaakko Niemelä´s first video animation that he produced specifically for this exhibition is called Nostalgia and features three generations of Niemeläs ploughing the waves of a stormy Mediterranean. Göran Torrkulla is not only a philosopher and an artist, he is also a poet. His installation, Den drömmens blå blomman, is like a poem in itself.

During the autumn, several artist-run workshops will be held at the museum, showing participants how to embroider, make robots, roses and dream banners. The first workshops will be held on the day of the exhibition opening, 20 September 2014, when Suvi Aarnio will show how to make dream banners, Anssi Kasitonni how to make robots, and Göran Torrkulla how to fashion roses. Further into the autumn season, Suvi Aarnio will conduct embroidery workshops at the Rauma Town Library and at Osteria da Filippo in Old Rauma.

Dreams will come true also at Dream Nights. Museum assistant Raija Heikola will realise her dream by giving a guided tour of the museum building on Valtakatu - visitors will even get to experience the holding cells of the former police station. In a workshop run by Suvi Aarnio participants will make Dream! signs, and the evening with Göran Torrkulla will feature romantic poetry.

Tero Suhonen from the Lumo food shop in Rauma and author Nura Farah will talk about dreams come true. Written in Finnish, Farah´s novel Aavikon tyttäret (Daughters of the Desert) was published last spring; Farah is the first novelist of Somali background in Finland. Dream Lectures are organised in cooperation with the Rauma Adult Education Centre.

Womens´ Bank is dedicated to making women´s dreams for a better life come true in developing countries. The bank´s regional branch will organise an art auction at the Lönnström Art Museum to help women in developing countries to get a profession. The RaumArs residency programme will present its dream in the exhibition, and the art museum will cooperate with the Rauma Town Library.

Even the staff of the Lönnström Art Museum has dreamed dreams about the museum and their work. Director Jenny Nybom´s dream - free admission to museums - comes true at least in the case of this exhibition.

On the last day of the exhibition, 11 January 2015, the wind-up party of the exhibition will be held at Hotel Raumanlinna. The evening´s programme includes a Speech Karaoke giving the audience a chance to deliver, in karaoke, Martin Luther King´s famous speech I Have a Dream, Swedish Prince Daniel´s groom speech to Princess Victoria, or some other dream speech from a wide selection. The event is produced by The Speech Karaoke Action Group.