Flatlands performances

Lönnström Art Museum and artist Jani Ruscica (b. 1978) have worked on the Flatlands project since early 2017. Now the project has reached its culmination point – performances! The inaugural performances were presented at RIBOCA1, the international contemporary art festival in Riga, Latvia, in June. The Finnish performances of Flatlands took place in August 2018.

Flatlands was performed as part of the Rauma Festivo festival in Poselli on 9 August 2018. The next performance took place in Helsinki, in Rehearsal Hall Paavo in the Music Centre, on 16 August 2018.
Performance in the Music Centre (video)

In project performances, a glass instrument is played by saxophonist Linda Fredriksson (b. 1981), a bamboo instrument by keyboardist and harpsichordist Matias Häkkinen (b. 1985), and an instrument of readymades by electronic musician Sara Milazzo (b. 1983).

The programme was drawn up by Jani Ruscica in collaboration with the musicians. Consisting of compositions that rely on free interpretation, the programme begins with a life-sustaining rhythm – breathing. The centuries-old melody of La Folia is known in countless versions; its Finnish version is known as Sheep’s Polska, with lyrics that end: “the world is awash in sound”. With those words the Flatlands performance ends as well.

Flatlands is based on images from different historical periods and contexts, each of them containing a musical instrument. The images were used as the starting point for the creation of three art objects – a bamboo instrument, a glass instrument and a ready-made instrument – each carrying within it a powerful cultural, political and material charge. The instruments were made by artisans in collaboration with visual artist Jani Ruscica.

FLATLANDS performances
9 Aug. Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma, in collaboration with Rauma Festivo
16 Aug. Helsinki Music Centre, Rehearsal Hall Paavo, Mannerheimintie 13 A, Helsinki
The performance will be introduced by Professor Emeritus Altti Kuusamo.
Performance at Music Centre (video)

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