History of the Lönnström Company (1929—1984)

The industrial couple Teresia and Rafael Lönnström followed their companies when these moved from Helsinki to Rauma in 1942.

Rafael Lönnström was a co-founder of the Oy Sytytin company in Helsinki in 1929. The company manufactured time and contact fuzes for the artillery. In the 1930s Rafael Lönnström extended these operations by establishing a group of six companies. An important event for the town of Rauma was the establishment of the Ammus factory in the Kaivopuisto industrial park. In addition to companies engaged in the munitions industry, the group also included companies dedicated to the production of civilian goods.

After the war, the main focus of operations shifted to water fixtures, and the Lönnström companies developed into a major player in metal industry in Rauma.

When Rafael Lönnström, director of the Lönnström companies, died in 1943, Teresia Lönnström took over the reins of the group. In was not until the 1970s that Teresia Lönnström decided to relinquish her shares, which were acquired by the Huhtamäki Groups. The deal also included a donation of several million Finnish marks to the Finnish Cultural Foundation and to the Foundation for Economic Education. These funds are used to this day to award grants in support of art, culture and the economy.

In 1982 the water fixtures production of the Lönnström companies were acquired by Oras Oy, and a few years later the belt and conveyor operations were sold to Lahtima Oy.