Lönnström Companies 1930s—1940s

During the 1930s captain Rafael Lönnström expanded its operations until it finally comprised
a group of six companies.

Of the companies in the Lönnström Group, Oy Sytytin, Oy Ammus, Oy Partaterä and
Rafu Lönnström Oy
all manufactured metal industry products. Oy Sytytin made timed and impact artillery fuses, Oy Ammus made artillery shells. Puuvalmiste Oy made joinery products, and Rauman Kiinteistö Oy managed the other companies´ real estate and construction operations.

During the Second World War, Oy Sytytin and Oy Ammus supplied munitions for the Finnish army. The output of the companies was an important contribution to the war effort.

After the war, munitions could no longer be manufactured, whereas the reconstruction period increased the demand for water fittings, and Oy Sytytin began manufacturing sanitary fittings. No suitable new production line for Oy Ammus was found right away. Production to pay war reparations kept the Ammus factory in operation until 1948. After that, the factory´s main production line was the manufacture of industrial conveyor belts and chains.