Lönnström Group 1950s—1980s


Metal industries prospered in post-war Finland, and the 1950s was a period of financial growth also for the Lönnström Group. When export restrictions were lifted, Oy Sytytin in particular came into competition with German faucets. Another armature manufacturer from Rauma, Oras Oy, also came to the market.

The economic boom and the positive outlook for Lönnström companies continued, but towards the end of the decade growth began to slow down. The water fittings of Oy Sytytin became the group´s most profitable product segment. In the 1950s—1960s, Oy Sytytin also made aluminium vessels. The Lönnström companies merged in 1959 into Ammus-Sytytin Oy.


By the 1970s, Ammus-Sytytin had developed into an important player in the metal industry sector in Rauma. In 1972, the name of the company was changed into Lönnström Oy. The following year, Teresia Lönnström sold her holding in the Lönnström companies to the Huhtamäki Group. Under Huhtamäki, Lönnström´s metal products department focused on specialised HVAC items and the engineering department on conveyor systems.

In 1980, Lönnström Oy was divided into two companies. One was Osy Oy, in charge of manufacturing water fittings, the other Lönnström Oy, which continued the production of conveyor belts and chains. The operations of Osy Oy were subsequently centralised and production processes heavily redesigned. The key areas of operation of Lönnström Oy was the handling of bulk goods, wood and grain.