Lönnström Group as part of the Huhtamäki Group

In 1973, Teresia Lönnström decided to relinquish her holdings in the companies and sold her majority shareholding to the Huhtamäki Group. She had been considering the difficult decision for a long time. It was important for her that the factories would continue to operate and jobs be maintained. After the deal, the operations of Lönnström Oy continued as part of Huhtamäki, in the same production sectors and the same personnel.

"This decision was not easy for me, as I have been involved in all phases of the factory´s operation from the very beginning, a period of more than four decades.In addition to my advanced years, my decision was also affected by my broken leg, which continues to ail me so that I no longer have the strength to carry the responsibility I have as chairman of the board of the company, a responsibility I have always felt for the factory and its people." Teresia Lönnström´s announcement to factory personnel in 1973

When she relinquished her ownership, Teresia Lönnström also made sizable donations, which included one to the Finnish Cultural Foundation and another to the Foundation for Economic Education. Both foundations established designated donor funds under the name of Teresia and Rafael Lönnström. The Finnish Cultural Foundation received 6.5 million and the Foundation for Economic Education 1.5 million Finnish marks. Both donations were the biggest in their history. The donor fund under the Finnish Cultural Foundation awards grants to support the development of Finnish economic life and the promotion of the fine arts.

The period of Lönnström Oy as part of the Huhtamäki Group came to an end after ten years, when Huhtamäki decided to divest its metal industry operations in the early 1980s. The financial situation of Lönnström Oy had also deteriorated because of domestic competition. The water fittings factory Osy was sold to Oras Oy in December 1982. In spring 1984, Huhtamäki sold its conveyor factory to Lahtima Oy; today the factory continues to operate as BMH Technology Oy.

The History of  BMH Technology Oy (video)