Workers of the Lönnström Companies

In 1973, Lönnström Oy was the second largest industrial employer in Rauma. In the course of the 1960s, the number of employees grew from 700 to more than a thousand. People typically remained for a long time in the employ of the Lönnström companies, and many employees who were hired back in the 1940s stayed with the company until retirement.

The workers of the Lönnström companies engaged in all kinds of leisure activities that fostered a sense of community among them. They had all sorts of clubs, they made outings and trips and had parties. The most popular activity was sports. Sporting events involving the entire workforce of the factories were particularly popular.

The Lönnström factories also trained workers in their engineering school, and the group had its own fire brigade. As the companies flourished, housing areas sprung up around the factory area. The company built housing for its workers, including five two-storey houses on Syväraumankatu Street, and the seven white wooden houses known today as Weekday Houses.