Play of Light

Recent Art from the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Foundation Collection

The Lönnström Art Museum organises an exhibition in the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum. Entitled Play of Light, the exhibition showcases late acquisitions in the collection of the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Foundation. The exhibition will be open until 31 March 2016.

Play of Light
features photographs, paintings and installations that use lights and shadows to establish a dramatic, narrative or spatial ambience. The featured artists are Ville Andersson, Marjo Heino-Fihlman, Mimmu Rankanen, Päivi Setälä, Tommi Toija and Niclas Warius. Most of the works on show were either purchased or received as donation over the years at exhibitions in the Lönnström Art Museum. The show is curated by Arja Roivainen, curator at the Lönnström Art Museum.

Ville Andersson (b. 1986) stages dramatic scenes for photographs in which reality blends with a dreamlike mood. The title piece of the exhibition is Andersson´s Passage with its mystical play of light. Ville Andersson was elected Young Artist of the Year 2015 by the Tampere Art Museum.
Marjo Heino-Fihlman
´s (b. 1967) oil painting Small Sorrows creates a landscape through glazes and lights rendered by the application and removal of paint. She was elected Young Artists of Satakunta Province in 2002. The prize was a joint initiative by the Lönnström Art Museum and the Arts Council of Satakunta.
Mounted in light boxes, Calla Queen and Pair of Hearts by Mimmu Rankanen (b. 1968) are Duratrans colour prints of double exposures that merge the human body with a floral theme.
Päivi Setälä´s (b. 1962) photographic series The Last Green explores focus and unfocus. The series captures humid greenery and glimpses of fleeting light in the artists greenhouse.
In Tommi Toija´s (b. 1974) sculptural installation The Vault of Heaven a small ceramic boy, the artist´s alter ego, stands on a patch of green grass and looks in wonderment up at a large, ominous fibreglass cloud hanging above.
The key elements in the photographs of Niclas Warius (b. 1972) are light, form and insight. The viewing angle in the photographs Lavender #1 and #2 dislocate the scale of natural things, with small becoming large and threatening.