Virtual Reality Environment

The House of Khronos project by Lönnström Art Museum and visual artist duo IC-98 has been extended with a virtual reality environment (2017–2018) that documents the house in Pöytyä in Southwest Finland in a new way. The public can experience the VR environment at the Lönnström Museums Gallery, and available online for free. VR have been temporarily removed during the Covid-19 pandemic. For mobile devices, you can download a free mobile version of the Khronos house virtual reality environment (with the keyword House of Khronos) from the app stores.

Before it was fenced off for a thousand years, the House of Khronos and its immediate surroundings were documented both scientifically and artistically. Several surveys were made of the area: in addition to a survey documenting the nature and landscape values as well as architectural history of the area, also geological and archaeological surveys were made, and a bird survey. The artistic content and script of the VR environment is by IC-98, and it was coordinated and co-scripted by Asta Kihlman. The data were turned into an immersive VR environment by Turku-based Morrow Games Oy.

The virtual reality environment was made possible by a grant from the Kone Foundation and a grant for innovative museum projects from the Finnish Heritage Agency.

House of Khronos virtual reality environment, 2018

Concept, script, editing, VR direction: IC-98 (Patrik Söderlund & Visa Suonpää)

Coordination, co-scripting, editing: Asta Kihlman

Surveys of nature, landscape and architecture: Jyrki Lehtinen

Geological and archaeological surveys: Jussi Kinnunen

Bird survey: Ilkka Kuvaja

VR and mobile app: Morrow Games

Sound design: Audire Sound

Bird sound recordings: Ilkka Heiskanen (BirdLife Suomi), Tero Linjama

Graphic design: Patrik Söderlund

English translation: Liisa Muinonen-Martin

Production: IC-98 & Lönnström Art Museum, 2017–2018

In cooperation with Municipality of Pöytyä

Supported by Kone Foundation, Finnish Heritage Agency, Business Finland

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