How to apply

Who can apply?

The applicant must be an artist or group of artists; the group may also include non-artists who actively participate in the production. The artist(s) must have full ownership of rights to the idea or intellectual property to be developed. The submission must be a new work of art that has not been produced previously in the proposed form and that receives its premiere in the project.

What form will the collaboration take?
Lönnström Art Museum and the artist are together responsible for ensuring that the project is carried out professionally, responsibly and with high quality. The key factor in the project is open interaction between artist and museum. The museum is the enabler of the new artwork and a partner to the artist/group throughout the entire process.

At the start of the collaboration, we will together assess practical matters that need to be taken into consideration in the realisation of the work. We will draw up a timetable and revise the budget. We will discuss how to engage the audience during the project and prepare a communications strategy. Then we can start the actual production process. The museum staff will be ready to advise the artist on issues concerning content, implementation, presentation and budget.

Lönnström Art Museum’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • The museum will pay the artist’s fee and production expenses as specified in the budget and collaboration agreement.
  • The project will be managed by the museum, which will also be in charge of financial administration.
  • The museum will be responsible for audience engagement and related expenses.
  • The museum will be responsible for communications and related expenses.
  • The museum will be responsible for documentation of the project and related expenses.

The responsibilities of the artist/group are as follows:

  • Having been selected for the Lönnström Project, the artist shall set aside enough time for the project and commit to it for the entire duration.
  • The artist shall be responsible for the artistic content of the project.
  • The artist is responsible for realising the project within the agreed budget.
  • The artist shall participate in audience engagement and public programmes connected to the project.
  • The artist shall be responsible for expenses incurred after the completion of the project, such as any transportation costs.

Time and place of implementation of the Lönnström Project
The duration of the project is approximately two years (2022–2023). The first year will focus on planning and preparation. The second year will consist of creating and exhibiting the work for the public.

The site of the work will be decided on together. The work can be presented in a specific location, such as Rauma or its vicinity, or it may be more broadly accessible, depending on its nature. If the project is a physical artwork, its ownership will remain with the artist unless otherwise agreed upon.

How to apply

Submit your application at the museum website no later than 15 October 2021.

Describe your idea
In your project plan, describe the background and content of the work and what makes the project important and topical. Why would the production of this particular work be significant for you and the audience at this specific point in time? What will the work communicate to its audience? What ideas and insights would you like the work to inspire in the viewers? Describe the ideal form of the realised work as you see it now.

In the application, describe the goals of the project, and the museum’s role in it. Draw up a timetable for the various stages of the project. Tell us about your earlier work and how your experience and skills would ensure successful completion of the project. Do not be afraid to describe any uncertainties or potential risks – those are issues that we can resolve together. Assess the environmental impacts of the work and how they can be minimised.

Draw up a budget that covers all project costs
Project costs consist of the artist’s fee and production costs.

Artist’s fee can be no more than 30% of the total project cost. It is taxable income, and the tax and employee’s social contributions are deducted from the fee prior to payment. The fee is calculated in the artist’s future pension.

The fee is paid in instalments according to a schedule agreed upon separately.

Production costs may include, for example, materials, outside labour, transportation, physical structures, rental space, equipment rental, travel expenses, insurance. The costs must include value-added tax and budget items for outside labour must include employer’s contributions.

Specific details of the budget will be laid out in the project contract. The absolute maximum of production expenses is 100,000 euros. The project may also be completed at a lower cost.

For more information about the budget, see:

Selection of the Lönnström Project
After the application period closes, a panel appointed by the Board of the Lönnström Art Museum Foundation will draw up a proposal for the Board regarding project selection. The Board will make its decision in November 2021. The panel may wish to interview shortlisted applicants.

The museum may also ask experts for statements regarding matters such as technical aspects of the production of the work. All applications are processed confidentially.

The sixth Lönnström Project will be announced on 13 December 2021. The applications will not be returned.   

More information
Curator Arja Roivainen, +458 (0)45 2610 501, arja.roivainen(at)
Museum Director Silja Lehtonen, +358 (0)45 874 5400, silja.lehtonen(at)