IC-98 Will Create the First Dream Project

The first open call based contemporary art project for the Lönnström Art Museum will be produced in 2016–2017 by the artist duo IC-98 or Visa Suonpää (b. 1968) and Patrik Söderlund (b. 1974). At the selection jury’s recommendation, the Board of the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Foundation, which is in charge of administering the Lönnström Art Museum, made the choice unanimously.

IC-98’s project proposal is rooted in the very core of the duo’s philosophy: The thing that caught our imagination in the Lönnström project was that finally there was a museum which had decided to reject its walls. The situation offered a chance to explore the purpose of museums – and more broadly the concept of time. We had been toying for a long time with a project by the working title House of Chronos, and the time seemed now ripe to realise it. House of Chronos stops us as well as art lovers to think about nature, culture and society, and it broadens our views of their interplay, say IC-98.

IC-98’s project proposal came out as the winner when the Lönnström Art Museum declared an open call for a project that would substantially be based on collaboration between the artist and the museum. Teea Hyytiä, chair of the board of the foundation, is impressed by the proposal by IC-98: We were aiming for a project that would create something unprecedented and new, something that would have a significance for the public. The IC-98 proposal astonished us with its simple, yet thematically rich project.

During the first round of the open call, a total of 154 applications were submitted to the Lönnström Art Museum. The museum’s director Jenny Nybom is particularly pleased that the winning project does not draw viewers to observe the property acquired for it, but instead titillates their mind with the experience of learning about the concept, monitoring it and reflecting upon the issues it raises.