Lena Gätjens (RaumArs), Rauma Art School, VALO-pajatoiminnot

Temporary Observatory of Details

Community Art Project about light and the act of seeing in Rauma

Lena Gätjens (b. 1983) in collaboration with the students of architecture and graphics classes of Rauma Art School, Tommi-Wihtori Roström and Valo-pajatoiminnot (workshop for work experiencers). Exhibition in the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum’s Gallery and the garden organized by RaumArs in collaboration with Lönnström Art Museum. The project is part of RECEPTION, the 1st triennial of the community arts in Finland.

How do we see things? This question takes us into to world of biology and physics, but it can also be understood in a much wider sense. Through the history of mankind a wide range of meanings, metaphors and symbols relating to light have been manifested in philosophy and linguistics.

Lena Gätjens’ Temporary Observatory of Details gathers together viewing-objects, tools and toys of light, as well as imagined views into the future. The Observatory will be designed by the students of Rauma Art School together with Lena Gätjens and Tommi-Wihtori Roström, starting at the end of February. Valo-pajatoiminnot (workshop for work experiencers) will build tools of light together with Lena Gätjens. These tools of light, the marching mirrors, go on a journey through the city of Rauma in March, and the people of Rauma will encounter them in unexpected ways.

In April the finalization of this experimental work process will be exhibited in the Gallery and in the garden around the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum. It showcases the objects and inventions as well as the documentation. The Temporary Observatory of Details invites you to slow down and to observe.

Temporary Observatory of Details is part of the RECEPTION, the 1st triennial of the community arts in Finland. Besides Rauma, the triennial takes place in Helsinki, Kemiönsaari, Turku, Mynämäki, Pori and Vaasa starting in April and ending on June 5th 2016. RECEPTION is organised by the Saari Residence maintained by the Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) / Regional Office of Southwest Finland together with cooperation partners.

Lena Gätjens works as an Artist in Residence for RaumArs association from February until the end of April. Her work includes light art, designing light objects, art in public spaces and site specific installations, as well as lighting design for architecture. Her experiences in the field of community art were gained at the project Grandhotel Cosmopolis, a social sculpture in the heart of Augsburg, in Germany, a hotel where guests and refugees live and work together.

The exhibition will be open 3.–24.4.2016
Sundays  from 12 to 4 pm
Wednesday 6.4. from 12 to 7 pm
Wednesdays 13.4. and 20.4. from 12 to 5 pm.

The garden with installations of the artist will be open 3.–24.4.2016 
From Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 7 pm. Free admission to the garden.

Special guided tour in Finnish by optician Pekka Palmu
Rauma Day 17.4. at 2:30 pm